Storage Sunday – How I store my embellishments

Hiya everybody! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

We got a lovely suggestion from our friend Joanne, and so this Sunday I want to share some of my storage for my scrapbooking embellishments with you!

Embellishments are a big beast to cover; there are so many varieties and shapes and forms and philosophies on how to store it all. It feels like I have been through a million different ways of storage, and there are certainly proof of that in my stash, so to slim it down a little I will show a little bit of what is most current for me right now.

Above is a view of my little craft space, with my desk and the shelves above it. Things I wont reach for quite as often as other will go in the white baskets, where I have one for random and
oddball embellishments, one for stickers and rub-ons, etc.

The things I might reach for more often however I like to keep closer, and visible, since I rely a lot on that. I have noticed that it doesn’t matter HOW well organized my collection is, or how logical my system is; if it out of sight, it is out of mind.

So I like to use transparent containers, so that I can see what is in them. I especially like the SmartStore boxes, which are light weight, transparent and affordable. They are perfect for bulky stuff like rolls of twine, packs of wood veneer or epoxy brads:

jenandtricks - Embellishment storage


But when it comes to certain smaller things that I like to keep sorted and separated, like regular brads and eyelets, or my collection of Studio Calico wood veneer, I typically will use any sort of divided container, like this:

jenandtricks - Embellishment storage


I love these wood veneers so much, but original packaging is impossible; once you’ve opened it the battle is immediately lost and you’ll have tiny little stars and cats all over your home.

I do generally like to KEEP the packaging for my products, because I like to know what they are and where they are from, at least for a while, if they are new. I have the worst memory! There was a time when the first thing I did was to rip the packaging open, throw it away and sort my stuff directly into various other containers. And then I realized I could hardly ever remember who’d made it. And I just lost track of my newest goodies.

So now I have this little corner on my craft desk where I keep my latest papers and other goodies, that way I keep it close at hand are likely to start using it rather than just store it away in my stash:

jenandtricks - Embellishment storage


When it comes to my smallest and fiddliest embellishments, like flairs, enamel dots, self-adhesive gems and suchlike, I have this plastic pocket photo holder thingy next to my desk:

jenandtricks - Embellishment storage


It is originally mad for 3×4 photos, but works really well for storing all these little packs of various embellishments and decos. It makes them all really visible and easy to find, and I don’t have to rifle through a container or basket for them, and it reminds me to use them a whole lot more.

I hope you enjoyed this little Storage Sunday post about how I store my embellishments. Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you’ll have a happy, scrappy day!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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