Quick and easy birthday or Christmas cards

I promised to show you what I made from the stuff I just had to buy. You know, the glittery stickers (I so often feel like a magpie, sigh).

I made three cards and almost used up one (ONE!) of the sticker sheets (not sure this has ever happened before) for the two Christmas cards. I like them best to be honest. I used my Sizzix dies on foil (love, love, love foil, thank you Jennie for enlightening me) and white cardstock to make the circles (they fit so perfectly with the wreath sticker I almost believe they were ment for eachother) and cut out the banners more or less by hand which would explain why they are slightly uneven, both of them (I never learn, do I?).
One of the cards are more red and the other more golden, I mismatch-matched them with the colors on the wreath and the tiny star in the middle (totally optional, but hey, the more the merrier, right?).

Super simple and easy to make, doesn’t cost much nor take much time. I can definitely see myself mass-producing cards like these for Christmas on our yearly Christmas sweatshop crop.

wpid-20150201_210221_1.jpg wpid-20150201_210214_1.jpg 

I also made a birthday card which did not turn out as I wanted too, but I got to try my new dies and foil (a match made in heaven). I tried to write pretty on the card an failed, hence the black alphabet stickers..hehe. I need some serious handwriting practice!
Anyway, I guess you get the idea of what I had in mind, next time the birthday card will be CAS!


This weekend we are starting something awesome, don’t forget to check in again! Happy gluing!

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