The never ending Christmas stash!

Good Wednesday! I’m a few days late with my post but I’ve been having a tiring cold which kept me in bed (or on the couch to be honest) the past few days. I’m feeling a bit better today and less tired so I should be back on track pretty soon although I sound like an old whiskey drinking hungover smoker when I talk.

Anyway, apparently I’ve put my chipboard ice creams for our challenge someplace very, very safe… I’m not really sure where this safe place is sooo… I will have to find that out and make something pretty, I know I started playing with them a while ago so they shouldn’t be that far away, right?

I’m still working on using up my stash and even after weeks of crafting I see no end of it, at least not of the things I want to use or get rid of, what a big surprise huh? Every time I try to use some of my forgotten items I just end up youtubing and making something else or finding new things I _clearly_ need in order to be able to make just about anything ever again. How did I even manage to get here without them? If I happen to actually use any of my stashed away stuff it feels like I’ve made the tiniest of tiny dents in the stash, so small you can barely see it. Bah!

New strategy!
I decided to take a look at my Christmas stash as it contains old, so very old, things from the stone age of my scrapbooking life. I feel like an archaeologist every time I open the Christmas box and I just sigh while finding relic after relic… However this stash is somewhat limited and it’s very possible to actually make a difference! I realize I do have a very very long way to go and when I’m done I’ll probably have all my Christmas cards covered for the next decade or two.
Anyway, I’ve made a bunch of simple cards using up some scraps and a few 12 x 12 paper, some embellishments and colored card bases I still wonder why i got in the first place. I’ve also used some stamps and dies I haven’t used much, great success!


I’m not sure why but I just fell for this patterned paper at a sale a few years ago, I guess it was close to my kraft hunting era when I basically just bought anything kraft I could find. The wooden embellishments were a gift from my mom from her trip to Berlin. There were a few different figures; 9 elves and 9 snowmen. I cut out the label behind in three different colors; green, brown and red and I got to use up some of my twine.


I’ve had a bunch of buttons/plastic items in my Christmas stash since forever and they annoy me every time, I simply don’t know how to use them! At one point I started to cut of the loop on the back to make them flat and easier to use but I ended up leaving them in my stash a few more years, until now! Finally! I even threw two of them away. Useless! For these cards (I made a bunch, all different) I used some scraps (yay!) and some sort of twine I slightly regret buying, and (!) more of my red and green card bases, I even used a few brown and gray!


This is a stamp I got on sale this winter I believe, I’m happy to use it as it is quite new and very pretty! From Stamping Bella! I colored her with my distress inks (good practice), some wink of stella and stickles for a glittery touch! The red frame is actually one of my 12×12 papers I never use and the card base is slightly structured and not one of my favorites (only had about five left or so), so yay for getting to use them too!


Last but not least, and maybe one of my favorites, using a fantastic snowflake die from Memory box which I haven’t got to use until now. I also got to use some more colored card bases and my scripty Christmas stamp from Lawn Fawn.
I cut a bunch of white cardstock pieces to use with the die and added different fancy/colored paper (mostly scraps) behind, it’s hard to see in this picture but there’s red glitter in the background! Parthey!

So, anyone fancy some Christmas cards?

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