Make use of your stashed away stash!

I have slowly moved the contents of my crafting closet into my kitchen, barricading my kitchen table, parts of my counter and floor. My kitchen looks more like a crafting room than a kitchen and I love it. It’s been like this for a few weeks and I can’t remember that I’ve ever gotten this much done. I think I’ve made about 20 cards each weekend since Easter. It’s crazy!

I have been thinking about sorting my stash and put some of the stuff I never use away to use when I craft with my cousins or give away. With this in mind I’ve been digging through parts of my stash I haven’t touched for years and found more or less interesting things. Some items have been moved to my “nah” box immediately and some have gotten a second chance, it’s now or never. I actually managed to find use for some of them! Great success!

At the early days of my scrapbooking era I have found and bought somewhat suspicious kits with (mostly) paper and some embellishments. A lot of things have been left in my stash unused since then but now, they have gotten their 15 minutes of fame and a chance to be moved or used.

So, today I thought I’d share these cards with hope of giving you some inspiration to do something similar with well hidden things in your stash! I am far from done with this but it feels great to be crafting again and to actually make use my stash.

These four cards are made of paper from one of those suspicious kits. I think I bought them just because of a wood mounted stamp that accompanied the paper. I put several sheets in the box immediately but thought that these were actually pretty and usable.

wp-1460316486611.jpg wp-1460316486610.jpg

wp-1460316548973.jpg wp-1460316486616.jpg

The plan for this weekend was to prepare for the crop we are attending next weekend but I found a lot of other things to do instead, I guess I just want to save this very exciting task to the last minute and pack my stuff in panic, forgetting most of it and therefore give myself a reason to do “some” shopping.. I’m so unconsciously clever!

Anyway, I might just copy Jennies list (this year too) and buy the rest!

Tant Therese

Therese is an organized, compact living thinking multi-crafter with many interests. Right now shes stuck in glue and papercrafts but occassionally other ideas might cross her mind and steal the spotlight. She loves pinterest and DIY.

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