Honey, I shrank my stash – Sunday Stash Dive

Haaappy Sunday, scrappy people!

This week I thought I’d take a little dive into my stash. Or at least, start dipping my toes! Here’s why:

The truth is, I have a deep and bountiful stash, and sometimes (…) I find things I sort of forgot about. Things bought in a rose-coloured-glasses moment that then got left behind. Not fair! Just because you don’t belong to the latest and greatest trend or to the most trendy manufacturer, it doesn’t mean you should just be left to gather dust. I think we can all relate to that on some level (there is something almost philosophical about this, I swear).

So, every once in a while, let’s just rummage through our stash and USE these hidden resources! Remember how the mice altered and up-cycled Cinderella’s mother’s old dress? Well, we can be those mice! I believe in you! Rah-rah!

In my craft area, this is the storage container where “good things I might need” goes to die. I call it my Big Boy:


It has random card stock, rice paper, origami paper, foam, Easy Mount, letter paper, and who knows what, in it. And apparently, also this pack of PolyShrink!

You guys… It’s artist’s grade shrink plastic… and it’s “Fun for everyone”…


I know at point I had high hopes and dreams of a bright future for this particular pack of shrink plastic. But truth be told, it’s been in my stash for… I wanna say… 7-8 years? i HAVE used it. A long time ago. But it’s kind of pricey, so of course I’ve never gotten rid of it. Of course.

Now… Back when I bought this product I did NOT have a very extensive collection of stamps. I sort of do now. Ans stamps, especially those stamps that almost feels a bit to big for a regular sized greeting card, are PERFECT for using on shrink plastic! Stamp with a good, non-smeary stamp pad and colour it in and shrink it and VOILA!


You have the cutest little homemade embellishments! They have character, dimension and general adorableness. I’m thinking these would be great to put in my Project Life album. I certainly have some stamps that would be fantastic as tiny, themed focal points in there.


Another thing I like about this is that you won’t have a huge amount of each one. You can custom make an embellishment for a specific purpose and that’s it.

Also, I do have to confess: shrinking these little suckers are still just as fun as it was when I was a kid. I can’t help it. I love it.

Hope this little Sunday Stash Dive has encouraged you to either give this a go, or sift through your own forgotten treasures at home and go make something!

Ta for visiting! Happy Sunday!

/Jennie, a.k.a. jenandtricks

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