Five oldies & their last chance

Howdy fellow scrappers!

This summer has, unintentionally, been a time for me to focus on decluttering and getting rid of trash, unused items, unnecessary stuff and whatnot. I’ve been cleaning out closets, drawers and cabinets, reorganizing and sorting, moving stuff around and putting up shelves and cabinets in my hallway and bathroom. I have spent days doing this, even Jennie helped me for a day, like ELEVEN HOURS! Oh gosh we got soo much done! I’m forever thankful for that awesome kick in my butt to get me started!

This, of course, also affected my scrapbooking. I’m seriously fed up with a lot of stuff in my stash that’s been there for ages and not even once has been used. I gave myself an ultimatum; use it or lose it. I did not give myself a deadline (maybe I should have) but I will give each item/group of items one or two proper chances, then they’re out!

So today I’m going to share some stuff I made using no less than FIVE items that’s been in my stash forever, some of them are marked with “use it or lose it” (mentally).

My selected items are:

  • Bight colored buttons (not sure why, but I bought them in a mixed bag more than five years ago and never liked them)
  • Adhesive bling (small strips from different kits over the years.. be gone!)
  • Paper (I have loads of paper.. loads!)
  • Wine tag die (barely used this one but it’s actually not that bad)
  • Colored stamps and other cut outs (I’m an expert at collecting these)
So, the buttons… I sorted out the prettiest ones and the rest will be given to charity. I did some pinteresting and found inspiration for what to make of them, the result: a few birthday cards!

Maybe not the most exciting cards I’ve made but they are quite pretty.

Ok so, bling. I love it, I really do but mostly to look at. I’m usually not using much bling on my cards or layouts, so why do I keep buying more you might ask? Well, I think I’m a magpie deep inside. I have no other explanation!

Anyway, I wanted to use up a bunch of bling of various quality, color and amount that’s been in my stash forever. So what kind of cards could I make that would use most of them? Again pinterest saved me and this resulted in two pretty shiny cards!
I must admit that I’m really fond of these blingy clusters, so pretty!


The paper, wine tag die and cut outs.. Well I cut out a bunch of wine tags from white cardstock just to get started. I decided to use my patterned papers as much as possible so they became backgrounds. I found some fitting colored stamps/cut outs (what should I even call these?) and just put them all together. Pretty nice huh?


I’m so happy that I finally started to use things or get rid of them! It feels so good! I can only see one downside of this… my card stash is not really shrinking… I guess that will be my next problem to take care of…

Next time I’ll be sharing even more stash busters, I’m on a roll!

Tant Therese

Therese is an organized, compact living thinking multi-crafter with many interests. Right now shes stuck in glue and papercrafts but occassionally other ideas might cross her mind and steal the spotlight. She loves pinterest and DIY.

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