Bling busting, the Christmas edition

Evening fellow crafters!

All of a sudden there are not so many weeks left until Christmas and all Christmas cards should soon be sent out to family and friends. I’m still working on emptying my stash and here’s my Christmas inspired bling busting.

One perfect thing to use rhinestones for is decoration in a stamped Christmas tree:


If you happen to have a lot (I mean a LOT) of similar looking rhinestones you can use them to make Christmas balls (big ones). I chose to make plain ones but you could even make patterns if you want to.


Another thing is something similar to this card; a few smaller Christmas balls hanging from a branch or the top of the cards. I haven’t decided on what sentiment to use yet but you get the idea for using all that bling.


I had a bunch of more solid colored pearls and made small decorations with some foiled paper cut out from a die. I put them on a strip of scrap plastic for storage until I want to use them on a project.


A few ideas for you to keep in mind if you decide to dive into your bling stash or just want to make a few pretty quick and simple Christmas cards.

Keep on creating and don’t forget to use your stash once in a while!

Tant Therese

Therese is an organized, compact living thinking multi-crafter with many interests. Right now shes stuck in glue and papercrafts but occassionally other ideas might cross her mind and steal the spotlight. She loves pinterest and DIY.

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