Bling busting – sooo shiny!

I hope you’re up for another use your stash-themed post! This is a great stash buster for blingy things!

When I did my stash searching for my previous post I happened to stumble across a pile of non-adhesive bling in different shapes! I can’t remember when I bought any of these, I do believe some of them were included in a few card kits I frequently bought when this was new to me. Either way I decided to try to use as much as possible of these rhinestones. I didn’t have much of a problem coming up with ideas, I just had to get started!


I kind of liked the doodled stems and blingy flowers I made last time so I decided to make something similar again. I had a bunch of white heart shaped blings and putting them together with the pointy end to the middle, they looked like pretty flowers! Great!

I didn’t have enough pink stones for both cards so I colored a bunch of them using one of my ProMarkers. This is a great tip if you do have pale or white/non colored rhinestones lying around being boring. Color them! I know ProMarkers and Copics work, not sure about other types of markers but give it a try! You might even be able to emboss them with color (I have never tried that though)!


I have a bunch of Christmas card ideas so I put aside some bling for those, I will make use of them later on! Promise!

Out of the leftovers I made two photo overlays 3×4″ with blingy frames, one with warm colors and one with cold. I used a 3×4 inch die to cut out the acetate before gluing the rhinestones to it. Some of them do fall off and I think that might be caused by my tiny dots of glue. I tried to avoid getting glue outside the stones but for some of them I guess I didn’t put down enough! The loose ones have been glued back so no worries!

So, with most of my round and heart shaped rhinestones used up I dug into a tiny pile of flower shaped ones, so pretty!
Since I haven’t used them for some years I decided to use them all now and buy new ones if I’d ever need any.

  DSC_6048-01_Fotor     DSC_6132-01
I found a quite fitting stamp for this super shiny blingy card from Kaisercraft. I added some wink of stella on the word “pretty” and finished it off with adding glossy accents on all letters. SHINY!
So after all these cards my stash shrunk from this:
to this:
I am very satisfied with this work, I used more than 75% of my stash (including those I’ve put aside for Christmas). The rest of them will get another chance and after that, thanks and goodbye!
How’s you stash busting coming along?

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