Using one paper kit for autumnal starting pages

Hello everybody!

Autumn is in full blow, literally, and the world is full of bright, warm colours and leaves swoosing around the place. Love it!

There are so many gorgeous new fall collections out, and I have had to be really stern with myself to stop myself for buying them all. Instead I went through my stash and found this older collection pack from Bo Bunny, containing 18 sheets of double-sided patterned papers and one sheet of coordinating stickers. It’s been hiding among my craft supplies since 2012, waiting for a rainy day, ha!


Truth be told, I loved this collection so very much when I bought it, and held on to it because I wanted to wait for the perfect fall photos to go with it. And then, four years later, new papers have come out and trends have gone on, and I sort of felt like I’d rather wanted new stuff. Four years later, and I found the colours a bit too mustardy. A lot happens with your scrappy style in that time! That’s why you should use your faves while they are still your faves, peeps!

But, I did not want to waste it and I did still feel the love for the cute acorns and adorable apples, so I decided that now was the time to use it. Use it or lose it! Why keep pretty papers hidden in my stash for so long?

One thing I have done before, when I have had a pile of papers I’ve wanted to use and have a sort of power-scrappy day, is to make a bunch of starting pages. All it is is the very start of a scrapbook layout, before photos, titles and journaling. That way, if I have a nice photo and a small moment to scrapbook one day, I can pop the photo on the page, add the title and journaling, and then the page is pretty much done, depending on if I want to add any extra embellishments or not. But it is a rather quick way of getting a story recorded.

With this kit I managed to make a pretty pile with ten starting pages all in all:


Some I made a bit more elaborate and artsy, some with specifik spots for photos, and some very basic so that I can add whatever I want to them later.

After making these pages I had two pieces of patterned paper and the sticker sheet left over. To that I have added an extra sticker sheet (also from Bo Bunny but from a different collection), a few embellies and some glitter tape. This way, I have a small bonus kit to use once I get around to using my starting pages, and can quilckly add any details.


I feel pretty great about finally using this collection kit that I have been saving for so long, and I don’t know if I would have, if I would have tried to do full on scrapbook layouts with the entire kit. I strongly recommend trying this method out if you feel that you have a collection kit left over and left unloved. Want to power-scrap one day, then give it a whirl!


/Jennie, a.k.a jenandtricks

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